Texas Independent Insurance Adjusters Association


What is TIIAA?

The Texas Independent Insurance Adjusters Association was organized for the following purposes:
  • To promote harmony and cordial business relations among members
  • To exchange information on matters of interest
  • To discuss common problems
  • To develop a high standard of ethics in the profession
  • To promote the general welfare of the insurance industry
  • And to assure, through member cooperation, the administration of insurance claims to result in prompt and just settlement of meritorious claims

Over the years, our client base has changed to be broader in scope which has brought along equally diverse demands for special claims handling to meet individual needs - a challenge that our members understand, accept and have easily adapted to. Our members provide the full range of claims handling - from the briefest of limited assignments to very detailed investigations - they cover any claim imaginable. TIIAA is truly a multi-lines claims organization.

Acquiring the services of a TIIAA member has its benefits. You are assured of a relationship with a professional who furthers his or her knowledge by attending TIIAA-sponsored educational seminars throughout the year. You have the assurance of a claims professional who is licensed and insured against professional liability. You have the assurance that your claims will be treated in prompt and efficient manner. You have the assurance of working with a member of an organization that was founded over 60 years ago.